Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sera - Borzoi

This is Sera.   I've painted her before - a mini head shot.   She is absolutely gorgeous inside and out.   Her owner has plans to train her to become a therapy dog.   She will definitely excel in that role.   Sera is as tender and sweet as any dog could be!

For her painting, her owners wanted her laying in the back yard with their view of the ocean and flowering landscape.    In the main reference photo, Sera was laying in their bed with her rear legs outstretched.    For the painting, her legs didn't match the pose needed to lay in the grass.   So, I moved her legs under her from the position of being out in front of her.  

This small change really was the right thing to do for the painting.    My eye had kept settling on her legs and body rather than her face.    The ultimate goal of the painting was to lead the viewer's gaze to rest upon Sera's face.    By moving her legs under her, I was able to accomplish this goal.

Hope you enjoy the painting.   Sera is just a joy to be around.    She is a real treasure.

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