Sunday, November 30, 2014

Borzoi - New Limited Edition Reproduction
New "Borzoi" reproduction is available.

The limited edition, museum quality prints, are 8" x 10" and available for $50.00.

Hope you like the art.   It was amazing when the dogs were photographed for this painting.  Just love the Borzoi - so kind and regal.. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cash is ready for Thanksgiving!

I told Cash this evening that he had to stay out of the whipping cream for the pies that are being made for tomorrow.   He gave me stink face.

Then, I told Cash he didn't get any turkey tomorrow.   He has been begging too much and grabbing our forks with his paw.    He is not pleased......

Monday, November 10, 2014

Golden Retriever Painting

This painting has been a while in the making.  I'd photographed the dogs over a year ago and their owners were going back and forth on which photos would best represent their furry family members.

The oldest one, Blonde, is the image on the top.  Misty, is on the left, and Cruiser is bottom right.   During this decision making process, the family lost their beloved Blonde.   She was a veteran dog in her senior years.  The loss hit the family hard and put the painting on hold.   No matter how long we have our dogs - no matter how old they live - their time with us is never enough.

Once Blonde's family was ready to tackle the project, it was discussed that the family didn't want Blonde and Misty shown as old as they were.   So, one major goal was to paint the dogs looking younger.   Secondly, the day had been quite windy when the photos were taken and the dogs were all squinting.   I used other reference photos to give me a clear idea of how each dog held their eyelids when the wind was not gusting.   The painting reflects the dogs with calm expressions and no squinting.

Below are photos of the finished painting as well as some of the reference photos for the painting.

It was so special to paint the dogs for this lovely family and I hope the painting brings smiles to their faces each time they look at it.