Sunday, November 19, 2017

Longhorns on the Ruby

This painting has a fun story. Well, in the long run it is a fun story. 

A dear friend and art collector took the photo for this painting in Montana a number of years ago.  At the time, I was in the process of creating paintings of Longhorn Cattle for a western art show that my work was to be exhibited in.

This collector had been on a fishing trip in Montana on the Ruby River and had taken a photo of a herd of Longhorn on his way home.   He emailed me the photo - excited for me to see it.  The reference photo was awesome and I thought it would make a wonderful painting someday.

A year or so passed and he asked me about the photo.  Of course I had it and would love to be able to paint it someday.  In my mind I thought, gee, I have a lot of commissioned work lined up.  I can not feasibly paint this painting to exhibit in a show at this time - but someday.

Another year plus passed  and he asked about the photo again. Yes, of course I had it - it was awesome.   I'd paint it someday.   Well, we were all together at one point and his wife said to me, "You know he is wondering when you are going to do the Longhorn painting."   I'm not sure how the question came about - but I asked her if he wanted me to paint that the Longhorns as a commission - to my horror he did.  Holy Smokes.    I never realized he took the photo and then desired for me to paint it.  With the timing of the photo and the western art show, I just thought he was being helpful and giving me additional reference material to use should I want to.  

We all "assume" things at one time or another and occasionally those assumptions can nip us in the buttocks.

To the gentleman with the patience of a saint, here is your long awaited painting.   The name of the painting is "Longhorns on the Ruby" and the painting will be put into print in the near future.   If you are interested in ordering a reproduction, please email me at or   

Here is a picture in process as well as the original photo: