Thursday, October 13, 2011

Black Dog Oil Painting Finished

The Black Dog oil painting is finished! It has been drying for a number of weeks and then varnished which required additional drying time.

As I write this the painting is being shipped cross country to the corporate collector. Can't wait to hear their response when the painting is received.

The painting measures two feet by three feet. Love doing the larger than life oil paintings. Check back - a larger than life oil painting of an Irish Setter is drying and waiting to be varnished. Will post photos soon.

Black Dog Oil Painting in Process

The painting is coming along nicely. If you'll scroll down through my posts you will be able to see more photos of this painting in process.

Irish Setter - A painting of Sully

This painting is of a dog named Sully. He was a gorgeous dog and had a wonderful personality. I had the pleasure of being in the show ring with him many times as I showed my Irish Setter, Jewel, at the time he was being shown.

Sully is no longer with us - but he will be in our hearts and memories forever.