Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bloopers on puppy Bling...

Tomorrow is St Patty's day and I always try to take photos of my Irish Setters with a little fun holiday gear on them.  This year we have a pup in the mix.   Bling just turned 5 months old and we've been working on her obedience training with a friend and her lab puppy for two weeks now. 

My husband ran an errand so I grabbed my camera and took the dogs outside.   I tried a practice run and Bling stayed in place - though she chose to lay down rather than sit.   Hum... why not throw the holiday stuff on the dogs and see what happens.

Bling was a bit distracted by bird shadows on the deck and a kitty cat walking by.   To my surprise, she held her sit stay (except when the cat came along).   The other three, Monet, Faith and Drew are all pretty used to me posing them for my paintings.  

If you look at each photo, the older dogs hold their poses for me the entire time regardless what Bling is doing.   It was pretty funny.   This entire session took about three minutes.   For a five month old Irish Setter pup, 3 minutes is an eternity.   Hope you enjoy the photos!