Monday, August 31, 2009

Baby Drew Secord

I just came across the attached photo of Drew. He was a young pup in an exercise pen when the photo was taken. If you look closely his doggie lips are both pulled up so it looks like he is smiling.
Is there anything cuter than an Irish Setter Pup? Perhaps to some the answer is Yes! But to me - hum - I have to say baby Irish Setters are the cutest!!

Golden Retriever "Prince"

This is Prince - a Golden Retriever. At this time he is gone. He lived to be almost 15 years old and we understand he had quite a healthy life. Prince lived with a great family who adored him.

He was a beautiful dog inside and out. His family told emailed about his portrait, "It is beautiful and captures his soul. You made us cry in a joyous way."
Thank you to Prince's family for allowing me to paint their special boy.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Irish Setter "Moxie"

This is a portrait of Moxie - in the dog show world she is known as BIS/BISS Am. Can. Ch. Windntide Sand In My Genes CD, JH, RN, CGC, VC.

Moxie has been an Irish Setter I've admired for years. She is a few months younger than my heart dog, Jewel. There have been few but wonderful times we've shown against Moxie in the ring and I've been able to admire her from an intimate distance.

It was a joy to be secretly approached by Patrick at the Arizona ISCA National Specialty in 2008 to paint Moxie's portrait as a surprise gift for Carol. We took a number of photos of her there and additional photos were sent to be afterwards. Moxie is quite the little "sailor" and can be found yachting around the Northwest Pacific. It was a perfect scene to paint her sitting comfortably in the vessel she knows so well.
If you are interested in having me paint a portrait of your dog please email me at or call me!

Thank you to Moxie's parents for the wonderful experience of working together on our "Moxie" project. I hope Moxie touches you when you view her portrait as much as she touches me.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Watson is a very special dog who was rescued from a hording situation in Illinois. He is a cross of hound and husky. Due to his lack of socialization he was a candidate to be euthanized.

The local shelter there would only release Watson to one person - his current owner. Watson has thrived in his new loving home and has blossomed into a wonderful companion. This portrait of Watson is to be a Christmas gift from one sister who lives here in Southern California to her sister that lives with Watson in Illinois.

It was an honor to paint such a special dog.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Malibu Art Festival July 2009

The Malibu Art Festival this year was so much fun. The weather was remarkable. Last year it was much warmer and overall just not as pleasant. This year the ocean breeze was cool and refreshing and it was just awesome to be outside. So much of my time is in the studio with limited people contact (other than my persistent requests to friends to meet me at Starbucks!!) Being out with people discussing life and art was a welcome change to my regular schedule.

I was working on a painting of four Irish setters - four generations, a great grandmother, grandmother, mother and daughter. It was so interesting to see how the painting invoked responses from people. The white faces on the older dogs just touched the hearts of dog lovers. A lot of people stopped to watch me paint and it was simply great fun to be there.

Huge thanks to those who traveled up to Malibu to visit me in the booth and see my latest works. Hoping the weather in Malibu is great next year too!