Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Norman and Malkpi

When Norman and Malkpi were brought to me to take reference photos of them for a painting my heart totally melted.  They were adorable on the outside and such treasures on the inside.   I asked their parents for a little information about them and this is what I was told:  
     Malpki is a champion and Norman came into our lives as a loner when Malpki went to have her babies with the breeder. We just could not let him go back.   "Malpki" is polish for little monkey and Norman came with his name.  We just couldn't change it. He is such a Norman.  They are both world travelers and prefer first class all the way.

Registered Names:
Malpki: CH Pramada's Naughty Nicolet or Nicky for short
Norman: Pramada's Naughty Norman or Norman

Norman and Malkpi Pastel Painting

They patiently posed for their photo shoot.   Here are some cute candid shots on the journey to their reference photos.

We are doing what?

Oh- what is going on over there?

Did someone drop a treat?

Is it a bird?  A plane?
Ah - perfect posers!
Thank you to Rick and Craig for having me paint their little angles.  It was a wonderful experience for sure.  Just love these two cuties!