Friday, October 29, 2010

Irish Setter Painting "Sweet Dreams"

The limited edition for my painting, "Sweet Dreams", is getting very close to being sold out.

For Christmas this year, we are offering free shipping on in-stock artwork if ordered by December 15, 2010 and shipped within the continental USA.

On a fun note, "Sweet Dreams" has been added to my cafepress store. The artwork is featured on gift items such as clothing items, cups and bags.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Labrador Painting is Finished

I've spent some time on this painting. The art collector commissioned two portraits of their Labrador Retriever. The first painting (seen here) features the dog in its adolescence. The second portrait will feature the dog as she is currently at 14 years of age.

The background of this painting is a meadow behind their home. In the reference photo the skyline is almost nonexistent with a slight splash of blue clouds in one small corner. Also, the meadow is laden with the beautiful blooms shown in the painting. However, the blooms were minimized in the painting. The bright color of the blooms combined with the thick blanket of them in the reference photo somewhat stole the show from the dog.

To ensure the dog was the focal point, the blossoms were minimized. The skyline was also greatly increased with a change in direction to draw the view into the focal point.
Gift items with an image of this painting are on my cafepress store at

Now off to wrap the painting for delivery and finish portrait number 2.

Friday, October 15, 2010

English Springer Spaniel

I'm trying to constantly add new images of my art to the Dawn Secord cafepress store before we get to the holidays.

Today the English Springer Spaniel was added to the store and will be available on a number of gift items.

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Check back now and then to see what new images of my artwork are available.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Monet!

Today is Monet's 4th birthday. We are going to take her to the pet store and let her get a new toy. She wants to drive there....ha ha.

Where did the time go....and hopefully, going forward, it slows down a bit.

Labrador Retriever Painting in process

I've been working on this painting for a number of days now - long days (not an hour here or there - more like 10 hours a day. My arm is sore and my eye hurts.... goes along with the territory)

The reference photo is an old photo that was taken on a very sunny morning. As a result one side of the dog's face is too shadowed and the other side is almost whited out. So, my quest is to balance the lighting while maintaining the wonderful effects the light has created with the shadows.

On the right side of the dog's face I've reduced the shadows and brought the eye more into view. On the left side of the dog's face (the right side of the painting) I've found the bone structure of the dog and brought in slight shadows. These shadows will give the dog's face depth and roundness instead of a flat light area.

I've also eliminated the collar. Some people prefer the collars be left on their dogs in my paintings. That is a personal choice - no wrong or right answer. In this particular painting the dog's owners wanted the collar off.

Will post more as the painting develops.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tabby Cat Commission

This is a painting of Oliver. Oliver was a very special kitty and loved by a wonderful family. Life throws us some tough situations and sadly, Oliver was lost to cancer at a very young age.

His family had a very tough loss shortly before Oliver passed. Sometimes, when we hear of the tough roads of others we realize our problems are so minor.

Sending Oliver's human mom a big hug and keeping her in our prayers.

Thank you for the honor of commissioning me to paint Oliver.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Irish Setter Painting "Celtic Charm"

This is my newest release in Irish Setter Art. The painting background was created from a photo I had taken in 2009 during a cross country trip. If you really want to see our great Country - the best way to see it and meet the people is by driving.

The original painting is unavailable. The prints are in a limited edition of 195. There are 19 artist proofs. The reproductions are professionally printed, are museum quality, and are signed and numbered. To purchase the prints you may call me or email me. For Pay Pal users, there are Pay Pal buttons set up on my web site for purchasing on line. Please click here:
Have a great day!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Corporate Commission

Finishing up on corporate commission. Its been a while since I've done such a large oil painting. We moved our birds to another area of the house and are venting the house for the fumes. Next oil painting will be done outside on the patio! It was fun.

Back to the pastels today to do a commission of a kitty that lost it's life way to early to cancer.

To see more pictures of this painting in process please go to my facebook page at: