Thursday, May 21, 2020

A painting of Rowan

This painting was recently finished and will be shipped to his owners once they have relocated to their new home.

I've met Rowan and what a wonderful boy he is.   I'd asked his "parents" to share a little bit about him and his mom wrote the following poem.   She is so creative.  

Here is a little bit about Rowan!  Thank you to his parents for having me paint their beautiful boy.


He came from Colorado
A Galewinn’s pick of litter
Then went to California
To join Rose, an English Setter

Rowan got his first few nods
As he competed in the ring
He also played with toys
Great joy to us he’d bring

When one year old he went up North
Alaska seemed the place
To retire with some family
In open Klondike space

The next year again he moved
Midwest Wisconsin he was bound
A new job for Dad to try
New fun in squirrels he found

Family called us to Florida sun
Row tired of move once more
He found more squirrels to be chased
And handlers for shows galore

The show ring brought more wins
As Grand Champion he did reach
And then we got a new puppy
To chase squirrels he did teach

So now he’s almost five, still young
Making sure his fun’s not a bore
Rowan has a lot life ahead
Many goals he has in store.

So stay tuned to Rowan’s life
And see all that he does do
His future’s bright for all to see
His love from him to you.

Continue all to roam with Rowan
This Irish Setter from the States
His adventures I will share
As we all enjoy his fates.