Saturday, July 8, 2017

Above the Barn

Owls have always fascinated me.   We have a pair of what we call "hoot" owls that roost in the palm trees above our barn.   To be correct, they are "Great Horned Owls."  When we are out at night they fly over us.   Occasionally, they roost on top of the telephone pole directly behind the barn. and hoot away.  One night, crazy as this sounds, one was on top of our home's chimney.   The hooting was echoing down into the house.   It was so cool.

Dawn Secord Fine Art
For an art show it came into my heart to paint one.  So, I set out to photograph owls.   We went to the zoo and photographed owls.   We were having dinner at a friend's ranch and there was one in the pine tree near their home.  It was sitting there in a Ponderosa Pine (hence the Ponderosa in the painting).   Then, at another friend's home there was one in the opening of their barn.

This owl is a combination of all my owl sightings and photos taken.  The pine tree was photographed near our home in a canyon. 

We love to hear them call out at night.   Equally, we love to be under them as they fly overhead.  We enjoy the sound of their wings flapping in the calm night air.

The painting is currently on exhibit in Southern California at the Santa Rosa Ecological Preserve and is for sale.

Thanks for taking a peek.