Saturday, May 21, 2016

Duet - Portrait of an Irish Setter

I was commissioned to paint Duet last year.   I'd taken some photos of her in Georgia when I was there last April.

Her owner really enjoys the playful side of Duet - who is quite charming.   Knowing Duet's portrait was to focus on the fun loving Duet, we took photos of her playing with toys, chasing toys, watching toys - anything and everything with toys.  We just didn't get the perfect reference photo.  My camera had been malfunctioning on me and the focus was delayed.  So frustrating to be out of town and having your equipment fail.

Some months passed and I was sent a number of new photos of Duet.  One caught my attention immediately.  Duet's head was cocked a bit to the side and there was a sweet yet slightly mischievous look in her eye.  I contacted her owner and we both agreed - we had our reference photo.

Duet lives in the in a lovely area with flowers blooming all around her.  When asked about the background for the painting, her owner told me, "She also is know for running through the flowers…mostly lavender, white and purple lilacs and white and pink peonies."  It just was perfect to add some fun girly colors in the background.

It was great fun painting Duet and capturing that rollicking side of the Irish Setter that they represent.