Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lisa and Lucy

This painting is of two Irish Setters (litter mates) named Lisa and Lucy.   The painting was done in pastel.

It is always fun to receive a new commission and to see the photos being sent to me for the painting (in the instances when I don't get to meet the dogs).    The girls "human mom" sent me the following photo and said, "Will this work?"   It was a great photo and the reflections in the girl's eyes were amazing.   Excitedly I told her it was a wonderful reference photo.

As the painting progressed we discussed background colors and decided to go with some fun lighter greens.    Those colors worked wonderfully with this painting.   We had discussed a more cedar color initially and then blues and greens, finally settling on the greens.

Hope you enjoy the viewing the painting as much as I did painting it.   Huge thank you to Holly for having me paint her beautiful babies!!