Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Malibu Art Festival July 2009

The Malibu Art Festival this year was so much fun. The weather was remarkable. Last year it was much warmer and overall just not as pleasant. This year the ocean breeze was cool and refreshing and it was just awesome to be outside. So much of my time is in the studio with limited people contact (other than my persistent requests to friends to meet me at Starbucks!!) Being out with people discussing life and art was a welcome change to my regular schedule.

I was working on a painting of four Irish setters - four generations, a great grandmother, grandmother, mother and daughter. It was so interesting to see how the painting invoked responses from people. The white faces on the older dogs just touched the hearts of dog lovers. A lot of people stopped to watch me paint and it was simply great fun to be there.

Huge thanks to those who traveled up to Malibu to visit me in the booth and see my latest works. Hoping the weather in Malibu is great next year too!

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