Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dog Show Journal: January 27, 2013

Faith at the Dog Show

Today is a bittersweet day.   Fourteen years ago our girl, Jewel, came into the world.   I only wish that she was still with us to celebrate this day.

Six years ago today we picked up baby Monet at the airport.   As crazy as it was, she arrived from Alabama on Jewel's birthday.   Thus, making this particular date only more special.

We showed Faith today at the Orange Empire dog show.   Years ago, with our very first show Irish Setter, Bailey, we won his first point at this show.  Our first point with our first show dog.  It was cold and raining, but we never noticed!

Today, Faith won and earned another point towards her championship.   It was cold and raining (off and on) again this year.

January 27th is a great day.   We have so many special memories on this day.    Rich and I are thankful for all the experiences this day brings us.   Sorrow helps to make us appreciate happiness.   Losses help us to appreciate the wins.  

Next year we will be able to show baby Bling at the Orange Empire dog show.   The show probably won't be on the exact date of January 27, but it will be a day we know will be special. 

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