Saturday, January 26, 2013

Faith at the Dog Show

I showed Faith today at the dog show.   It was a very small show and I had moved her up to the open class.   We practiced in the parking lot and she did fabulous.   Standing ringside she was a little angel.   In our class, she was okay, a bit feisty towards the end, but okay.    Then, we went back in the ring for winners.    My little angel gets that look when she wants to rumble.   Somewhere during our short two minute allotment from the AKC, Faith went on vacation.  She was leaping and frolicking and basically a wild child.   Against my better judgement, I popped the lead and said, "No FAITH!  KNOCK IT OFF!"   Knowing this dog, I should have known what would come next.   "A Challenge!", her little eyes beamed at me.  The games were on.   Dawn "0", Faith "1".

So, I came home and laid down on the bed for a minute, Faith right next to me.   She was so close she was actually breathing my air.   Somewhere in the hazy years passed memory banks of my mind I drifted off to when Jewel was a young dog in the classes.   I kept more of a journal of my dog show experiences then.   Many of the entries said, "Bad Jewel".  "Jewel was a bad dog."  "Bad BAD BAD Jewel."    I smiled and thought of my dog show entry today.  

DOG SHOW JOURNAL:   January 26, 2013 --
Showed Faith today.  Faith was a Bad Dog!   Bad Bad Faith.

I love my dog.  I love her spirit.   We had a good day.

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