Sunday, June 13, 2010

Woodbury, Minnesota Day 7

Well, after the National we headed towards Minnesota "don't cha know" to see family. It was a beautiful drive across Wisconsin and I added many barn and farm scenes to my reference library.

Unfortunately, I can't show the pictures of my father's backyard yet as the photos are still in the camera. His yard backs up to a small lake and an abundance of wild life. Until recently, Rich and I thought Jewel and Drew were our big hunters in the household. Until today that is. We took all three dogs on a walk around the lake and Monet discovered her hunting instinct. I have to tell you what an amazing transformation she has gone through and so quickly. Monet was on constant point and absolutely lost interest in all else - except food of course. Monet is absolutely bonkers about hunting. She is driven with a newly found passion for sure.
We walked her several times down the lake nature trail trying to get her to do her "business". She was unable to take the time to do so. All she could do was scent, look and point.
Back at the house, she found she couldn't hold it any longer and decided to take the opportunity to do her business when she was not hunting. This opportune location happened to be the white carpeting in my father and step mother's pristine home. And boy did she have to go. I scooped up the damage with toilet paper and flushed it away. The volume of it backed up the toilet temporarily (adding insult to an already embarrassing situation). In good spirits my parents laughed. My stepmother, Jane, suggested perhaps Monet had her accident because she was pregnant.....yes....absolutely....that has to be the reason......ha ha ha ha.

Here is a photo of my father and Jewel. I'll post more photos when we download them from the camera. Their backyard and surrounding landscape is amazing.

Next title for Monet you ask???--- we are going to have to go after her JH ( after the puppies are born of course!! Hoping she is pregnant of course!!!) Tomorrow we head for Elk River, Minnesota.

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