Monday, June 7, 2010

Dubuque, Iowa

We have been progressing across the Country nicely. My grandparents were all from Dubuque, Iowa. It was decided in route to deviate from our scheduled route and head to Dubuque. We went through some quaint little towns. Actually, there was one town with a posted population of 24. Considering we live outside Los Angeles and I grew up in Dallas, a population of 24 is less than what I see in the market at any given time. How can a town have 24?? It sounds wonderful to some degree.

As children, my maternal grandfather would routinely take my brothers and me to the Julian Dubuque memorial. Of course our grandfather, Bapoo, would never tell us what it was. He told us it was Bat Man's secret entrance to the Bat Cave. I'd stand at the bars in the front of the stone structure and try to figure out how the heck Bat Man got in there. It was an amazing situation for a 5 year old.

So, while in Dubuque I had to go to the memorial. The front of the memorial faces the great Mississippi River up on a bluff. From the rear of the memorial all you can see is the stone structure. As I walked around the structure I saw a mom, a dad and a four"ish" year old blond haired girl with her tiny hands on the bars looking inside the memorial. My heart warmed as I understood her mesmerized state standing in front of Bat Man's secret entrance. It was great to visit. It would have been nice to spend a little more time exploring and reminiscing.

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