Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Madison County Iowa - Good Morning

Drew at sunrise - Winterset, Iowa
Monet at sunrise.

We woke this morning to day break. Guess our internal time clocks are all off. The morning sun was cresting the beautiful fields of Iowa. Monet and Drew stood in the window looking out. These photos can not relay the beauty we saw this Wednesday morning.
Last night, before bed, we took the dogs out for one more walk. They all did big business. We bagged the poop and searched the small hotel for a trash can. The only can we found was right outside the front door of the lobby. When Rich went down to checkout this morning he walked in the lobby to overhear the manager talking with another party. The manager said, "You'll never believe what I found in the trash was a bag of sh**". "Then I opened another bag and dang it if it wasn't another bag of sh**". "Now...who would sh** in a bag?" Rich was in hysterics. Guess they don't use bags to pick up dog poop around those parts.
Monet spit up this morning... hum....could she have morning sickness??!!

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