Friday, October 2, 2009

Monet goes WB at Burbank Kennel Club

Dog showing is a funny thing. We always try to predict what the judges will or will not like. We avoid some and follow others. I learned a long time ago not to "follow" anyone as there is no telling what other dogs will show that day or how I will feel or my dog will feel for that matter.

I try to avoid the shows when it is hot outside as Monet does not do well in the heat. We entered both our young dogs this past weekend only to support our local dog club when they were trying to build majors. I knew it would be too hot and I knew Monet would do badly. Once again I'm eating my words. It was hot - sweltering at over 100 degrees and humid like is expected in Texas. To top things off - Monet was in season. She showed well, ignored the heat and humidity and won for the girls. Our little boy, Drew, was insane because Monet was in season. Monet however - was perfect - a little gem! Hope our show picture turns out nicely.
Note to self: "Show when you feel like it and enjoy your dogs!"

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