Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Drew sleeping on Jewel's Thrown

Jewel on her Thrown in the Studio

Drew taking over Jewel's thrown......

Our dogs keep me in stitches. There is a leather chaise near my easel and Jewel is usually on it watching me. She lays there like the little princess she is. Then there is Drew - our typical "teenage" male Irish Setter. He just turned 19 months old.

I was painting and looked over to see the pretty delicate face of Jewel perched on her thrown only to see Drew laying about like such a boy! It was so funny - just had to share it.


naturegirl said... this is toooo funny!

"JeanneG" said...

I see that pose on an hourly basis. I have a Yellow Lab, Red Golden Retriever, and Mini Schnauzer who all take that belly up pose and sleep that way. Not one inkling of modesty in the bunch. But so funny like your boy. Your female looks so regal on her "throne".