Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lucy and Hogan - Irish Setters

Lucy and Hogan's portrait has been in the making for some time. The first time they were photographed was in Arizona - April 2008. It was very hot and windy at that time and we all decided to take more photos at a later date.

We took pictures of Lucy again in October 2008 in Pleasanton California. There were some truly wonderful photos. Lucy is a gorgeous girl so it would have been nearly impossible not to get a good photo. She was born to be a cover girl!

Recently Hogan's owners had taken some great shots of him in an outside park setting. He was sitting on a bench just giving the camera the "rollicking" look of an Irish Setter. It was "that" look that his owner was trying to capture. Hopefully this painting will give you a look into the wonderful world of Hogan and a glimpse of the beauty of Lucy.

My only concern with this painting has been sneaking it out of my house - and away from my husband who has laid claim to it and does not want me to ship it off to its rightful owners!
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