Friday, October 23, 2009

"Dillon" Irish Setter

This is "Dillon" Am. Can. Ch. Rusticwood's Airtight Alibi. I've known Dillon for many years and he is a wonderful dog. We photographed him at a number of dog shows trying to get the perfect shot of him for his portrait.

Ultimately three photographs were the primary reference material for this portrait. One photo was the main pose. However, that photo had draw backs. His eyes were squinting as he was in the sun and his neck was hanging a bit funny due to his leash and his owner holding his head up with her hand. From the photos taken of him there was a perfect eye photo giving me his eye shape and eye color. That photo was used as my visual aid to create his eyes in the painting. Another photo had him standing at ease with no restrictions on his neck. That photo was used to create the natural look to his neck.

I always tell people we take lots of photos because I won't know what will be needed until the painting is started! This painting was a perfect example of needing multiple photos.

Thanks Dillon for being such a good poser! More paintings of Irish setters along with many other breeds are on my web site. Please click here to go take a peek!

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Nala said...

That dog is so cute!
You did a great job painting him!