Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Misty - Labrador Retriever

This is Misty, a Labrador Retriever mix. I met Misty's parents several years ago at a show. The following year they came to talk to me about painting Misty. It was so exciting to hear they had waited a year to find me at the next show and wanted to proceed with the painting.

We scheduled a time for them to bring Misty to my home for photographing. Misty was such a good girl. We took so many wonderful pictures of her it was difficult to choose which was the best candidate for the primary reference photo.

Misty's owners didn't want to proof the painting over the internet - but chose to do so in person. They were very happy with the painting. The kindest and most heartwarming compliment they gave me was to ask me to paint another one of their pets.

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