Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Drew (Irish Setter) gets his first point.

Drew turned 11 months old exactly on the day he was awarded his first champion point. "Drew" Willowbrook Artist's Rendition, is our fun little boy. He also was awarded best Irish Setter puppy and went on to win a Group 4 in the puppy sporting group (his second puppy group placement).

He weighs 70 pounds and is constantly trying to get in our laps. My father in law was visiting this past weekend from Santa Barbara and had taken a seat on our living room sofa. Drew went up to him and slowly climbed in his lap. My mother in law was laughing and we could barely see my father in law who was hidden from view by Drew's body.

We have great hopes for Drew in the show ring. More importantly - he is a member of our family and is an absolute dream to live with.

I have some plans to use Drew in future paintings. To see more pictures of Drew please visit my website and scroll down to the bottom of the main gallery page and click on "Dog Show Photos".

Have a great day!

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