Sunday, January 11, 2009

English Setter and Irish Setter Portrait

This pastel painting is of two lovely girls, Devon, an English Setter and Amber, an Irish Setter.

Their parents had commissioned me to paint the girls some time ago. We kept trying to get together to take photos and it is amazing how difficult such a small task can become!

We decided to get together at our local club's doggie fun day. The girls were photographed separately in several different locations in the park. We all had so much fun. Devon was a little princess and each photograph was a pose in and of it's self. Amber, on the other hand, was the queen and much to busy to be photographed. At discrete moments she would honor us with a gaze and if I was quick enough I could take the shot. Thank goodness for digital cameras on a speed setting!

There were several great photos of each dog that would work for the painting and the final choice of reference poses and the background of the painting was left to my artistic creativity. I picked poses that were complimentary to each dog and then complimentary collectively. One photo of the girls standing together gave me the reference point on how tall to make each dog when placing the dogs in the painting.

Thank you Devon and Amber for being so cooperative and thank you to Cathy and Dave for asking me to paint your girls!

To see more of my work please go to my website at Have a great day! Dawn Secord, Artist.

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