Friday, August 4, 2017

A portrait of Oscar

This is Oscar.   His official name is GCHB CH American/Canadian Ramblin’ Red Brisbane.   His owner and I talked about painting him a few years ago.  He was young at that time and she thought it would be best to wait a few years until he grew up.   A few years later, here is his painting.   He is an amazing dog with a prize personality.

I’d asked his owner to share a little bit about him.  Here is what she shared:

            Oscar was among the Top 20 Irish Setters and qualified for the Irish Setter Club of America’s Health Foundation Top 20 competition in 2016.  He was the winner of the OVASA of Canada CA, Irish Setter Division.  He was bred by Peter, Anne Marie and Randy Kubacz.  (Pendoric Reign of Fire out of Ramblin’ Red Special Agent Starling).   He is owned, cared for , and loved by Nancy Salmon and Peter Kubacz; handled and conditioned by Peter.  Oscar is the 5th Ramblin’ Red Irish Setter owned and loved by Nancy.   As she concludes, “Each has owned My heart.”

Thank you Nancy for having me paint your special boy.   

Following are the main two reference photos used for the painting.

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