Thursday, August 10, 2017

A painting of Liam

It is always so touching to be asked to paint a dog who is no longer with his family.  We have all been there.   Liam was a very special dog and left way too soon.

Here is Liam's story:

Liam’s registered name is  “ Glendine Sweet William, CGC, RN “. 

There is a saying that a person gets the dog they are meant to get and no truer words were said about my life with my boy Sir Liam!  Liam joined our family after a 22 year hiatus from having Irish setters due to the loss of my extremely precious and bonded girl,  my Katie.  I must admit, Liam was the smartest dog I have ever owned.  I could show him something once and he would know it forever.  He knew every toy by name and also all his close family by name.  At parks, Liam would climb ladder and go down slide just because he could.  He was amazing at agility too.  Liam loved everyone and everything.  All he ever wanted to do was to please us.  Unfortunately, Liam was not a healthy boy.  I cannot even count as to how many ICU stays he had but he always came home better and happy with good quality of life.  Three specialist did not think he would live to be 2 years old.  But my boy Liam refused to quit.  We were blessed with having him in our hearts and lives for 5 ¾ years.  We said goodbye on December 6, 2016 and our hearts and soul still ache to have him back with us.  Thank you so much Dawn for doing this special portrait of Liam to allow us to be able to see him daily!  

It is an honor to have been asked to paint Liam.  To Liam's family, I hope the painting warms your heart and brings those special memories to you each time you look at it.

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