Thursday, December 1, 2016

Kerry Blue Terrier - Schmokie

This is Schmokie, a Kerry Blue Terrier.  I'm quite fond of Kerry Blues.   I actually have a family history with the breed.

My maternal grandparents (Nana & Bapoo) bred and showed them.   My grandmother was the groomer and my grandfather was the exhibitor.    According to my mother, my grandmother was too bashful to run around the ring.  I was too young to remember them showing any dogs, but I do remember the dog "lingo".   I remember like it was yesterday my grandmother calling her dog a B****.   In my young mind, I couldn't believe my Nana was swearing and getting away with it.  No, neither Mom or Bapoo said anything about washing HER
mouth out with soap.  Could never figure that one out - fond memories for sure.  I still have one of Nana's slicker brushes.   They don't make brushes like they used to!

The painting of Schmokie is a mini 6 x 6 painting and is the result of a Christmas gift.   I LOVE doing surprise paintings.   Such a thrill to be part of that magic - the gift of giving.

When it was time to paint Schmokie, a number of reference photos were supplied.   It was had to choose - he was such an attractive dog.   His owner and I agreed on a given photo.   About a month later, with fresh eyes, I revisited the photos.   The one used jumped out at me.   There was something about the direct eye contact that was captivating.  So, an email was sent to his owner asking her to revisit the photos and give this one consideration.  She agreed and we had a new reference photo.

Thank you to everyone involved.   It was a joy to create this painting!

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