Saturday, December 31, 2016

Enya - painting of a Shar-Pei

This is Enya.  Some dear friends of her owners commissioned me to paint her as a Christmas gift.

The painting has been received so it is okay for me to share the painting.

The photo used for the primary pose was a bit hazy.  I'm guessing the photo was taken using a cell phone.  Cell phones with cameras are our best friends at times.  They can help us catch those special moments that would otherwise be lost if we had to run and get the real cameras.  It was clear that the color of Enya was off in the photo.  Thankfully, other reference photos were supplied so true values of her coat, eye and nose color were available for the painting.

Enya had a special window installed for her to view out of the house.   The parties giving the gift had asked if we could incorporate "her window" into the painting.  Of course we could!

To make the painting not too busy or confusing, the bed Enya was laying on had to be eliminated.   When all said was said and done, it worked.  Enya, our main subject was not overpowered by an overly done background and she remained our primary focal point.

It is always such an honor to be commissioned to paint for another party.  Sometimes I just want to say "pinch me".   How can I have such an awesome job?   It sure would have been wonderful to meet Enya.   She passed away last year.   I hope this painting gives her family a little piece of her to keep closely tucked in their hearts.

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