Friday, April 4, 2014

Tucker - An Irish Setter - Pastel Paintings

Just finished a double commission of an Irish Setter named Tucker.

The owner had me photograph her dog, Tucker, for a painting for her.  She had a brainstorm and decided to have me paint a mini painting of the same reference photo for Tucker's breeder as a gift.   It was very sunny out on the day we took photos and, as a result, the photos were not the correct color of Tucker.  So, to make his paintings accurate, the color of the paintings needed to be much darker than the reference photos.

We were all at the same dog show and the breeder had been chatting with me not knowing a gift was forthcoming.   It was killing me not to tell her I had a painting for her - but it was not my gift to give!   Later, after Tucker's owner had picked up both paintings from me, I saw the breeder headed my way with a smile on her face.   What a fun day for all three of us!

Thank you to Bonnie for allowing me to be part of your "family" and for choosing me to paint your boy....twice!!

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