Monday, April 28, 2014

Hereford Calf painting in pastel

My art was in the 38th annual Western Art Show in San Dimas, California this past weekend.   A number of artists took part in an event called the quick draw.

A "quick draw" is when a group of artists sit down and create a piece of art in an hour or less.   The work created during this "timing" is done in front of a live audience.   After the work is created, the art is then auctioned off to the crowd.

It is a fun event for all.   An artist is concerned about the outcome of the work.  There is very little time to create a painting or sketch.  If the piece of art created is not what the artist usually produces, then the public sees an artist with a piece that is not a reflection of their normal work.   (Folks that have seen a quick draw before do understand that the paintings created are not the same work an artist would produce in their normal time frame of days or weeks for a painting.)  Then the artists walk around with the piece displayed for the auction.   VERY stressful but exciting too!  

I painted a Hereford calf.   It was a bit of an experiment for me.   I chose to work on a sanded board using bold strokes.  Usually, my work is soft and more blended.

The painting was well received and went for a price much higher than expected (to my thrill and relief!)

The auctioneer was the celebrity auctioneer from the TV show "Storage Wars", Sean Kelly.  He is amazing at what he does.

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