Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sera - the Borzoi

This is Sera.   She lives in California - but was born in Norway.    She is an amazing dog.   Her owners have plans for her to be a therapy dog.   After meeting her a few times, I can tell you for sure - she will be an exceptional therapy dog.

Her "mom" had me do a painting of her as a birthday present for her "dad".    I'm pretty confident he won't see this or I'd have to wait to post until after he opened the painting!!

To see more of my Borzoi work go to my website at and click on the Borzoi page in the Dog Art Gallery.

There is also some of my Borzoi work on gift items on my CafePress Store.    Http://

Enjoy the photos - you'll be able to see why we all love her so much!

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