Thursday, May 31, 2012

Great Danes

I've been working with the owner of these dogs for some time.    When the painting was first commissioned, the pups were quite young.    We had some adorable puppy photos.   We were working out which photos of the pups would go best with the photo of the dam as reference material for the painting.    Life just seems to fly by and all of a sudden the pups were seven months old.    Sometimes my commission waiting list works out best for all!

The reference photos of the pups were wonderful.    One of the pups had her ear down, so that needed to be corrected.   One of the nice things about paintings - we are not limited by what is in life or photos.   Changes can be made where ever needed or desired.

I love painting Great Danes.   There is such a solid regal beauty to this breed.    Thank you to the owner for choosing me to paint them!

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