Monday, August 9, 2010

Monet and the new fish tank

When we were traveling back in the midwest in June, Monet learned to hunt "critters". Now that we are back home in Southern California things have been a bit boring for her.

Last week, we pulled our fish tank out of the garage. It has been sitting in there for about five years. Monet - who is three - has not seen this in our house.

To our surprise, Monet LOVES the tank. She is always in the kitchen "window shopping" at the tank. It is pretty hilarious. Daily, I'm cleaning nose marks off the outside of the tank.
When I go to the pet store to get a new fish or two, Monet goes with me. She is fascinated with all the tanks. Of course, she is slobbering all over them as she attempts to go fishing. When the attendants look away I quickly grab my sleeve and wipe any slobber off the glass eradicating the evidence of fishing with no license.

Monet has no limits when it comes to hunting!! She is such a fun dog.

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