Saturday, July 3, 2010

Irish Setter Print "Generations"

Here is my "surprise" release for the ISCA National. "Generations" was a commissioned painting. The painting features three direct generations of Irish Setters. When I was looking at the senior Irish I kept thinking to myself, "boy does that dog look familiar!!" So, I asked the owner what the blood line was on the dog. To my surprise she is the 1/2 sister to my dog, Jewel. I KNEW that dog looked familiar!!

When I started showing the painting to Irish Setter breeders many asked me to put the piece into print.

I discussed the possibility with the dogs' owner and she was very excited about the prospect. My prints are planned 18 months plus or minus in advance. The question was - do I come out with this print in December of 2011 or should I just release it now. The "now" vote won.

Thank you to all involved for your encouragement.

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