Saturday, July 31, 2010

Irish Setter Portrait

I just finished this portrait of Katie and Rowan - Irish Setters. Their owner commissioned me to do the painting last year. We were able to meet up in Wisconsin in June where I photographed the dogs and spent some time with them.

The moment I walked into their hotel room and looked at Rowan I said, "That is a Hoolie pup!". Turns out that Rowan is a Hoolie grandson as is my young male, Drew. Both boys are 2 years old - give or take a few Months. When I was painting Rowan my husband walked in my studio and said with a question in his voice, "Why are you painting Drew?" Hoolie can sure put his stamp on his get.

It was a pleasure to paint Rowan and Katie. It will be hard for me to ship the painting off, and then again, what's new? It is always a bit hard for me when my paintings leave!

If you are considering having a painting done of your dogs, please go to my website and click on commission information or email me at

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