Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ready & Waiting Greeting Cards

A number of people have asked me to restock this Irish Setter greeting card. Until now, all greeting cards have been sold until that particular card sells out and then I pick a new image to put on to cards.

The model for this card is my girl, Jewel. She was a real stinker and kept spitting the leash out of her mouth. It was all quite fun and each time I look at these cards I picture her pitiful face pleading with me to just take her for a walk and to quit messing around like some crazy paparazzi!

The greeting cards can be purchased directly from my website by clicking here or feel free to call me or email me! 866-393-7111 or The image is also available in limited edition signed prints - click here to go to my prints for sale web page.

Thanks for taking a peek at my work!

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