Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Irish Setters can pass obedience class!

These are two of our dogs - Monet and Drew. Monet - our feisty three year old girl and Drew - our crazy boy who is 21 months old. They are both Irish Setters.

Monet graduated from basic obedience class last Wednesday. This was her third time in such a class. However, this was a new instructor, a new training facility, and this instructor kept meatballs in her pocket. Monet was going to LOVE this class....

Drew .... well .... Drew. He sure had a great time in class. His undivided attention however was not on me but on the fattest little corgi named Tabitha. Treats didn't matter, coaxing didn't matter. Drew is in love. Poor little Tabitha had his big clunky paw set down on top of her little head more times than I care to confess!

These pictures were taken to see if they really knew "wait". As you can see it kinda worked. Notice a few of the pictures have no treats in them....hum.....or should I say "Yum"!

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Judy said...

Dawn, I absolutley love the pictures and the blogs about your 'babies'. I have 3 Irish Setters and they have all passed their training classes...they are much smarter than anyone outside of setter circles understand. No one can get past the clownish personality to see that there is intelligence in those big beautiful brown eyes. Please keep up the blog, it makes my day when you post!!