Tuesday, May 12, 2009

German Shepherd Dog - Parker

This is Parker and she was a German Shepherd Dog. Parker passed away three years ago. I understand Parker was a wonderful and loving dog. Her best friend was a pug named Pugsley.

When Parker's owners came to view her portrait at the gallery they had tears in their eyes. They expressed how surprised they were that I could capture so much detail from the photos they had. Many times people don't take photos of their pets with regularity. When they decided to have Parker's portrait painted they found they had very few photos of Parker and none that were what we were looking for as far as ideal photo reference material. Right before I started the painting they found a photo, long forgotten, that turned out to be the perfect reference. The photo was small and old - but valuable!

Monarch butterflies have great significance to Parker's owners so I put a Monarch in the painting at their request.

Sure wish I could have met Parker.
To see a larger image of her painting please go to my website at http://www.dawnsecord.com/.

Thanks for taking a peek at my work!


Patrice said...

Parker's portrait was beautifully painted. Parker's story make me realized the significance of taking photos of our pets regularly for us to have a simple keepsake.

Nala said...

That dog is great!
I love how you captured his fur!