Thursday, April 12, 2018

Pastel Painting of Ethan

I've never met Ethan, he lives in Australia.   The good news is, I've met Ethan's number one fan.   Not sure he would call himself Ethan's dad.  Though, my husband is the "dad" to our dogs.   So, I'm going to call Ethan's human, his dad.

Last year, I met up with Ethan's dad at a show (we'd known each other for a while).   I was working on a commission there at the grounds.    Ethan's dad is a real hoot - a character - a man oooozing with personality.   Not sure exactly how it happened, but Ethan's dad ended up at my easel feigning to be working on my painting in progress.   The antics were captured in this photo and then promptly forwarded on to the owner of said painting - who lives in New Zealand.  Would she be in fear of what Ethan's dad was doing to her painting?   We all had a great laugh.

So, while on these fun "goings ons" were happening, Ethan's dad showed me this picture of Ethan that was on his cell phone (dad's phone, not Ethan's).   Would that photo be usable as reference material for a painting.  Of course it would!!

In the photo, Ethan's eyes totally captivated me.  I couldn't wait to paint them!  He just melted my heart.

This painting was finished last month and it will be headed to Australia in the near future.   A huge thank you to Ethan's dad for trusting me to paint his special boy.

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