Friday, March 9, 2018

A Painting of Oliver - Wire Haired Dachshund

Here is a painting just finished.   It is of a Wire Haired Dachshund named Oliver.

I was able to meet Oliver last year and take photos of him for his painting.   What a cutie pie he is.  I fell in love with him at once.  It is interesting how that happens.  He just touched my heart.   It was exciting to get his painting started, and now that it is finished, I am a bit sad.   Painting is more than work to me - it is my passion.   At the point the painting is finished, I almost feel like I've returned home from vacation.  It is good to be home (or finished) but the journey and experience will be missed.

When working on paintings, I usually have 2 or 3 going at the same time.   That way I keep a fresh eye on each one which helps me see areas that may need some adjusting.   It is interesting how the eye can become blind to something that you have become too focused upon.   Multi-paintings really do keep my eyes fresh.  While working on Oliver's painting, I was (am) also working on a seascape for an art show in April and a larger multi-dog painting.   Now that Oliver is done, I can move on to another commission that is already sketched out and ready to begin.   It is of a gorgeous boy named Ethan.  

I'd asked Oliver's human mom to share some words about him and here is what she said:

     As most know I lived with Rose and Ross at Meadowlark. After Rose’s knee replacement did go well she could no longer show the Irish. But Rose liked showing so we chose the standard wire haired dachshund. Our first litter in 2006 produced 7 puppies of which 5 finished. Oliver was from this litter, I just love this guy. Oliver finished first with three 5 point specially majors including the host show and the national. But he is more than a show dog, he’s my best friend, he can tell when I’m upset or happy, he’s just the most incredible dog!!!

Here is the reference photo.  His beard was a tad wild and needed to be brushed.  That was an easy fix in the painting.  Thank you Ivy for having me paint your special boy!

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