Sunday, May 31, 2015

Monet at the ISCSC Specialty May 30, 2015

It was going to be a very hot day at the specialty and we weren't going to show Monet though she was entered.  Rich and I picked up the arm bands for Bling and Faith leaving Monet's until later.   We thought it would be too hot for her.

We decided to show her.  We'd brought a box fan and had it on her in our set up.  She was handling the heat much better than me - ha ha!

To our surprise, she went Select with some outstanding competition that was in the ring.   There were 12 specials plus the veteran dog and bitch.   To say we were thrilled would be an understatement.   What really did surprise us was her attitude.   Maybe I should show her more often than a few times a year.   She really did have a blast.   Thank you to judge Mrs. Lowell (Arlene) Davis for this lovely placement.

Today she is being really feisty.  I thinks she is proud of herself....and proud that she did better than her daughter, Bling.  Yeah Monet!!

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