Saturday, December 20, 2014

This is a painting of Tori, CH Jewelset What Dreams R Made Of, ROM.

The painting was to be a surprise Christmas present for Tori's family.  I asked the person who commissioned the painting to give me some background on their relationship with Tori's owners.   Here is a glimpse of what she told me:

     "Through Julie and Kim, I discovered the excitement of going to dog shows and I've met so many nice people,  I've held newborn puppies for the first time in my life, I've share victories and championships with them, they took me to my first National in Ohio, and have had more fun than I ever thought possible. I knew Tori was very special to Julie and Kim and I hoped with all my heart that this gift would bring them as much joy and happiness as they have given to me.  Thank you, Dawn, for helping me do this... XOXO"  

It is always a joy to paint for people.   There is something special about painting an animal for someone, that as an artist, I never expected.   It is almost impossible to put into words.  I can tell you, my heart skips a beat when I'm finished with the painting and hand it over to those who commissioned the work.  I had the same feeling when we had our puppies and handed the puppies over to their new families.   You have something you love in your hands that you are letting go of, but you know it is going to the home where it is supposed to be.  In that moment - there is warmness in my heart.

I hope you enjoy viewing the painting as much as I did painting it.   Thank you to Pat for allowing me to be part of your surprise.   Merry Christmas to all!

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