Friday, July 11, 2014

Commissions of litter mates

I've been working on a few commissions at the same time (those of you who know me well are laughing).   Doing so allows me to keep a fresh eye on the bigger pieces due to the hours involved in completing them.  I switch back and forth between the paintings.   That way, my eye is fresh and the little things that could have been overlooked are not.

It has been fun to see the dogs and get to know all four of them.   Tragically, one of the dogs passed just a few weeks before the painting was completed.  He was a senior dog - but had been quite healthy.   His illness came on quickly and there was nothing his owner could do but say goodbye.   I was going to be working on his painting at the Irish Setter National.   It was heartbreaking to show his painting to his owner.   She was prepared for it and handled it better than expected.   She said the painting has kept her boy, Romance, close to her and is thankful she had it done.  

The above photos are the finished paintings and the reference photos supplied for the paintings.   The first pair of litter mates is Magic and Lincoln.   The second pair is Shevy and Romance.

Thank you to the owners of these dogs for entrusting me with such special projects.  

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