Monday, July 8, 2013

Jesse - Pastel Painting of an Irish Setter

This is Jesse. Sadly, she is no longer with us. Her painting was created from photos that had been taken some years ago. Her owners and I were going to be at the same dog show, so we decided to go over photos together. As I was turning the pages in their small album of snapshots, the page viewing came to an abrupt stop. The photo for the painting was looking back at me. The position of the dog was perfect and the lighting was strong. The background was not so ideal, but that would be an easy change!

The reference photo is simply a road map to keep my on track to capturing the essence of a specific subject As an artist, I must know when to reduce or increase highlights and shadows. Quite a lot of that happened with this painting. The photo's strong lightening was much too bright and needed to be subdued. The eyes were too shadowed and needed added highlights.

Jesse use to live in the Pacific Northwest. Years ago, when traveling in that area, I'd taken "rolls" film (is that dating my travels or what!). Therefore, I had perfect reference material for the painting. At the completion of the painting, we were all thrilled. Jesse's painting is absolutely Jesse.

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