Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bling's first dog show


Rich and I just returned from three days of Irish Setter Specialties. The clubs offered the new 4 - 6 month puppy class. While I have mixed emotions about showing a 4 month old pup, Bling is 5 1/2 months old and we thought this would be a good opportunity to practice before going to the National. She will be 6 months old almost to the day and that will be her first show.

What a great time I had in the ring with her. The judges were all so kind with the pups. They made a big deal about having a fun environment for the pups. They were kind, gentle and absolutely did not expect the pups to behave like big dogs. I can not compliment the judges enough for making this class a wonderful experience for each puppy as they entered into the dog show world.

Bling had some wild moments in the ring. Well, more wild moments than calm if I have to be honest. One judge told me she saw few "movement moments," but what she did see she liked very much. All we could do was laugh.

It was heartwarming to see all the smiles outside the ring. The spectators clapped and appeared to enjoy watching the pups as much as we enjoyed showing them.

Sunday was by far the most challenging for Bling. She went around the ring with exuberance - wagging the entire time. When the judge went to present me with the best 4 -6 month puppy rosette, Bling grabbed one of the streamers and a game of tug toy with the judge ensued. Finally, smiling, the judge handed me the rosette end of the ribbon, as there was no way Bling was releasing her end. Each day the pups were awarded a new toy for their time in the ring. Bling left the ring each day proudly displaying her "winnings."

Thank you the judges for your kindness and patience as well as to all the folks who came up and complimented me on Bling.

As far as showing her in her first official show....I am afraid!!  :)

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