Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hogan - Larger than Life Oil Painting

This is Hogan.   Recently, a "mini" pastel painting was also created of him.   

Hogan is no longer with us.   As I mentioned in the post about his pastel painting, he was a very special dog and I was fortunate to have spent some time with him over the past few years.

His larger than life oil painting is 3 feet x 4 feet.    These paintings are always great fun to do.   

The attached photos show the process from the beginning to the end.   In the very beginning, a pencil sketch is loosely rendered on the canvas.   At that point, all I am worried about is perspective.  Once the sketch is completed, black oil paint is applied over the sketch to secure the initial drawing.    The purpose for this is to make sure I don't lose my sketch when the under painting is applied.

The under painting is then applied and covers the entire surface of the canvas.   Once that dries, layers of color are applied.   Each painting is different.   Sometimes, I block in the larger dark areas (which was done with this painting).  Sometimes, I just start applying color and don't block in spaces.   It really depends on the lights and darks in the reference photos.

Ample drying time is allowed before the next layer is applied.   This process is continued until I feel the painting is done.   There is no specific time frame in which a painting is completed.  It is done when it feels right.  My biggest concern are the eyes.   It is extremely important that the eyes of my subject draw in the viewer and make a connection.