Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cirneco dell"Etna

Here is my latest commission.   I've been affectionately referring to the dogs as the "C's".

The Cirneco dell'Etna (plural Cirnechi) is a small breed of dog originally from Sicily. This hound was historically used to hunt rabbits and can work for hours without food or water.[citation needed] The breed also has a keen sense of smell and is primarily built for endurance over harsh terrain such as that of Mount Etna. It is the smallest of the Mediterranean island hunting hounds, the others being the Pharaoh Hounds and Ibizan Hounds.

Today they are increasingly kept for the sport of conformation showing and as pets, due to their low coat maintenance and friendly nature, although as an active hound they do need regular exercise. A Cirneco should measure from 43-51 cm (17-20in) and weigh between 10–12 kg (22-26lb). As with other breeds, those from hunting stock can lie outside these ranges.  Information courtesy of "Wikipedia"

The owner of the dogs gave me a number of photos of the dogs at different stages from puppy to adult.   I stepped out of my box and asked her if I could choose the photos rather than her choosing them.   Since they were all wonderful photos - she gave me that artistic liberty.     It has been a fun journey learning about a new breed.   It is my understanding that the breed has been around since at least 1533.   They are fun little dogs and they appear to have quite adorable temperaments from what I've gleaned from conversations with their owner.    Hope you enjoy the painting!

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