Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ricky in Oil

This is Ricky. I'd painted him years ago in pastel. He is 18 years old now which is amazing. When I'd painted him back in 2003, we'd taken "rolls" of photos of him. That was back when we didn't use digital cameras like we do now, or at least I didn't!!

There was this photo taken of Ricky standing at the top of the steps. His front legs are very bowed. For his 2003 portrait ( we wanted a more formal look. We had posed him in a leather chair and the painting came out great.

For this oil painting, which will be hanging in his owners veterinary clinic, they wanted a more whimsical painting. The photo of him standing at the top of the stairs was perfect to use as reference material. To complete the painting, we put his actual paw prints on the painting. So, yes, those paw prints at the bottom of the painting are directly from Ricky. The painting is 4 feet x 3 feet.

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