Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Drew in the Field

Rich wants to put a junior hunting title on Drew. Several weeks ago Rich took Drew to join some friends who were hunting locally. Everyone said Drew was a natural and had a blast.

Jumping three weeks later, everyone wanted to take Drew out again and let him actually find a bird. Of course, this was a great photo opportunity for me to take some additional reference material for future paintings.

We met up with our friends at 7 AM and it was the most beautiful day. The hunting fields are about ten minutes from our house. We've had a great deal of rain lately here in Southern California so the grass is very green. The skies were clear and gave us a beautiful view of some of the mountains.

Drew did find his bird. It was amazing to see how he found it and pointed it. This was my first time in the field and seeing a dog work naturally. Thank you to Dave and Cathy for taking us along and working with Drew!

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